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10 Facts You Must Not Be Aware Of About LAS VEGAS.

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“Everybody knows about LAS VEGAS and you might be wishing to be there. The city of casinos attracts people from all around the globe. Here are some Unknown facts  about LAS VEGAS”

10 Facts You Must Not Be Aware Of About LAS VEGAS.

1. A person from LAS VEGAS is called a “LAS VEGAN”.

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2.Most of LAS VEGAS iconic hotels and even its famous welcome sign are not technically located in the City of Las Vegas. They are in a township called Paradise,Nevada.

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3.The Average visitor to LAS VEGAS gambles a US $447.

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4.Atomic Bomb tests were a major tourist attraction in LAS VEGAS during the 50s.


5.LAS VEGAS is home to 17 of the 20 Largest Hotels in US.


6.There is an estimate that at least 1000 people live beneath underground tunnels in LAS VEGAS.


7. OMG!!!! It would take 288 years if someone spends one night in every Hotel room in Vegas.


8.The CEO of fedex saved his company by gambling in LAS VEGAS. He played with the last $5000 of Fedex and won $27000 and was able to pay his dues.


9.In 1980, a Las Vegas hospital suspended its workers as they were betting on when the patients would die . One nurse was even accused of murdering a patient to win her bet.


10.The largest Sum Won at LAS VEGAS is $39 million from a slot machine after starting with $100.



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