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Who are we?

We are the people who lets you enter the world of viral things.We update you with everything going viral along the globe. We provide our users  a high quality content which is 100%  genuine and authentic.

People Behind This Blog.

This Blog was founded by two people Binova Gautam and  Ammar Ali. Later on two new people joined the blog  Rishabh Kumar and Anshu Mali Ashutosh. We all are Friends and are experts in different categories.

#Binova Gautam.


Binova gautam is a young web application developer. His Favorite category about which he loves to write on is Technology.  Alongwith writing for the blog he manages the technical issues related to the blog. He is passionate about blogging and php development.

#Ammar Ali

Ammar Ali is a movie expert. His hobbies landed him to  this blog as he watch movies and Tv Series. His experience of movies has made him one kind of expert so he has enough reasons to appreciate or criticise  any thing on the screen. Along with this he loves to play video games.

Thank you for the interest you have shown to know about us.