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Controvercy starts in Bigg Boss 10….. uncut video Bigg Boss 10 /Day 2 /Episode 2/18 oct 2016


Hi guys , after all predictions regarding the contestants of the India’s most famous reality show Bigg boss season 10 has yet started. As this show is totally based on controvercies for its TRP , this season the show’s creativity team has came with some new ideas to bring entertainment into the show.  But before that lets take a look on the name of the participants of this season  , they are Manveer gurjar , karan mehra , Rohan mehra , Bani judge , Gourav chopra , Manoj punjabi , Om baba ,Monalisa , Rahul dev ,Priyanka jagga ,Naveen prakash ,Lokesh kumari ,Akansha sharma .


So, now talking about the show , this season , the creativity team has divided the participants into two parts as celebs and India wale . Here the celebs are slaves and India wale are their masters , so celebs are supposed to follow their instructions . One more thing is that this season the rules of the game has also become tough for one team (celebs ) and interGroup nominations are also not allowed for the contestants . 

some controvercies are also started to begin as the India wale’s are told to write one of their secret on paper and later on their  secret will be added to the game as a task for celebs . Heated conversations between V J Bani and Priyanka jagga has also turned the attraction of the audiance toward themselves. 

voting lines are open for the show and as per our report Manveer gurjar is leading the table and Akansha sharma is on the bottam line 

uncut video of first  day of Bigg Boss season 10 :


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