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What Is Keyword In Seo , For Beginners.( Seo Tips 2016)


All of You must be wondering what is keyword in seo. You get all shorts of answer but none of them are useful as you are beginner.”You must do proper keyword research before writing a post … bla bla bla…”.But never got the point that what have to be done.Here I am going to describe all the things , so be patient and focused for next 5 minutes. This Tutorial mainly focus on the role keywords for beginners. If you are beginner then must read it otherwise you do not need it.


Before Starting You should have a Moz seo toolbar extension. Download it from here . sign up there for free to get full access . Now here two new terms That may confuse you ,

  1. PA (Page Authority)
  2. DA (Domain Authority)

They are nothing but a ranking parameters developed by moz.com . PA  tells about how powerful a particular page is and DA tells about the power of domain.These parameters plays a key role while ranking your post.Both rates between 0-100. Higher is the Authority more powerful will be your page or domain will be. Remember one thing seo is done of a page or a post, not of the domain.

What is keyword Planning?

To be on the top or first page of google you should have a higher PA or DA but as a beginner you would have none of them. Then what to do? Now you have to search for keywords…… Oooopssss.. Confused again. Let me elaborate this . Think You have written a post on any topic, gave it a random title related to the topic . Wait here and think for a reason “why should google place you on top?” . You have nither higher Domain Authority nor higher Page Authority.



Just have a look in thee above search result. Search “most unexpected wins in cricket” in google and you will get totally shocking results. viralonnet.in with PA:1 and DA:1 topped the list beating other sites with high DA and PA. The Key factor is that viralonnet’s title totally matched the search Keyword. Is this enough? No absolutely not. Here we topped the list because this keyword has almost zero competition and no one bothers writing on this topic. But let me clear one thing this keyword gave me position on google’s first page but not traffic. why? Because this post have been written without bothering about the keywords. “most unexpected wins in cricket” is not searched by any one. May be some similar keywords are searched, such as ” most unexpected cricket victories”. If you search this you will find viralonnet nowhere.So use keyword planner tools, and the best will be Google Keyword planner.


It will tell what keywords are searched by other people over the net. What volume they generate and what is the competition level. You will get to know how many times a particular keyword is searched. Now you must be thinking that your work has been done , just pick a keyword which has a higher search volume and write a post. If the particular keyword is searched 1 million times a month and you think you will get a little part of this volume then you are mistakened . These high volume keywords face a high competition. The whole internet is writing on them. So the best thing is that choose a low or moderate keyword where competition is relatively low. No matter those keywords generate only few hundred search queries but remember those results are going to generate traffic for you. I know that it will be low but for beginners it will be enough to move ahead. It help to increase DA and PA . When you have a increased DA then you may compete for higher volume keywords.

Use Google+  for generating Traffic.

Have a look to the following pic.


Here a search result shows an image of my google+ profile. This attracts the attention of the users. It is nothing but just a link to your site through Google+. So share each and every content on google +. It will help you to generate traffic from those places where competition is high. You can get visitors as Google + has a higher PA and DA.


Thanx For Reading. Was it helpful? Comment Below and ask for any queries.

Know about Basics Of Seo and Googles Search Algorithm.

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