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Top 5 Most Viewed Songs On Youtube


Top 5 Most Viewed Songs On YouTube

Watching Youtube videos has always been full of entertainment and fun.Whenever I browse youtube ,I watch videos atleast 2 hours,thanks to Reliance Jio for unlimited internet.Youtube has a very strange type of addiction that will keep you hours on the site.Today i am presenting you the list of Top 5 Most Viewed Music Videos On Youtube.  Hope you will like it.Enjoy the list.

#5. Taylor Swift ‘s ” Blank Space

The music video for Taylor Swift song Blank Space was released on Youtube on 10th November
2014.It since managed to build up 1.8 billion views.The song is supposedly an electro-pop
satire.Take on the way the media perceives taylor swift in her relationships.
She said the song was about woman who travel the world basically collecting boyfriends
but eventually they all leave.So one day she gets a man and she locks in her mansion.

To be honest when you take the first idea in the second idea and you think about
them in together it kind makes sense taylor swift seems a little crazy ,but creative crazy.

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#4.Mark Ronson’s ” Uptown funk” ft. Bruno Mars

This music video was  Released in 2014 and got 1,939,004,849 views.
The track draws from the 1980s and was a huge hit explaining its popularity on
youtube the Parish tried to recreate the style employed by the musicians like
prince zapped with modern EDM twist and it worked out pretty damn well.
The lyrics don’t tell you much of a story and thats because they originally recorded
the songs in bunch of words that meant nothing but just sounded right and then they
put the real lyrics later .

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#3.Justin Bieber’s “ Sorry 


Justin Bieber’s ” Sorry”music video was out on 22nd oct 2015,whethter you like bieber or not, the video managed to gain 1.9 billion views.
Bieber revealed the meaning of his songs four days after it was relaesed.
He said it was meant to be the end to the apoloiges he was giving to the people at the
time.Back before this year bieber made a lot of mistakes and runs in the law and just
a bunch of stupid mistakes.Other artists have been commented on this song stating
it was a really personal song.

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#2.Wiz Khalifa and Charlie Puth’s “See You Again


Track see you again have its official video realesesd on April 6th,2015.
In the time since it came out its managed to get 2.1 billion views
The track was released as a part of furious 7 movie which was a hit on its own right
so its not surprising that the video did super good as well.
The song was dedicated to Paul Walker and was a good memory of his passing.
The song really pushes that friendship fives to show you how much Paul Walker meant to
others and the words “”you again”” are meant to be a life time of friendship .

#1.PSY ” Gangnam Style


Of course at the top of the list we have gangnam style
This video was released in jully 15 of 2015 and its freaking exploded
the video currently have 2.6 billion views and probably is never gonna stop growing
as long as youtube is online
Gangnam Style is a song that celebrates the nature of the place getting them in
the natural style has which is basically that comes from trying to be more western
.Forgiveness gangnam styleis all about is the obsession was pretending
tho have it all and by that we mean the act of being as western as possible
In the video the site plays a gangnam guy who wants to have a perfect sexy lady with
blonde hair a horse a tennis court and she takes yoga classes since all are the
western imports there are alson signs of wealh and style and kingdom.

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Anyways that was our the list of Top 5 Most Viewed Music Videos On Youtube
if you guys enjoys this type of article
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