Most Notorious And Dangerous Hackers Of All Time(World’s Best Hackers)

most dangerous hackers

Most Notorious And Dangerous Hackers Of All Time (World’s Best Hackers).


Hello Everyone !!! I am back again  with a new article Most Notorious and Dangerous Hackers Of All Time.They were The World’s Best Hackers .First of let me tell me what the hell is hacking and who are hackers?According to some science shit :

Hacking is unauthorized intrusion into a computer or a network. The person engaged in hacking activities is generally referred to as a hacker. This hacker may alter system or security features to accomplish a goal that differs from the original purpose.

So we have known about all the necessary things and after doing a lot of researches ,Now lets begin the hacking…..

#5.Kevin Mitnick

Kevin Mitnick is known as the king of all hackers.With Aliases like the Condor and The
Dark Side Hacker, Mitnick exploited stem back to his yoiuth in the late 70s,
where he began taking advantage of the system by tricking the LA bus transfer system for free ride.

As he aged mitnick found his gift to code and began hacking into big name companies
like Nokia,IBM,Motorola and eventually The Pentagon.Millions of dollars of information passed
through his hands.

Before he was finally arrested in 1995 hardly deterred Mitnick
went on the run from FBI for three years and was the most wanted computer criminal
of his time. Before he was sentenced to four years in jail.

He didn’t consider what he was doing as hacking,and referred to it lightly as §Social Engineering§.

At one point the judge found him so threatening that he placed him in solitary confinment
because he thought Mitnick could start a nuclear war by whistling codes into a payphone.

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#4.Matthew Bevin and Richard Price


The dangerous british hacking of Matthew Bevin and Richard Price took the world for
a potientially deadly ride for several weeks in their youth back in 1994.

They began
by attacking The Pentagon’s network for several weeks and progressed further by
stealing battlefield simulations .

If that wasn’t enough they started intercepting
messages from US agents stationed at North Korea and access sensative material from
a Korean Nuclear facility.

world best hacker

This was all incredibly alarming to the US because at the
time Price and Baven were using US system to infiltrate information from korean
systems,which simply put nearly sparked an International Incident.

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world best hacker
You have probably heard aboout the infamous activisst group “Anonymous” or just “Anon.
Pprouting back in 2003 the breeding grounds of 4chan anonoynmous consists of an
unspecified number of politically active hackers .They compaign for internet freedom
social justice and transperancy in the law with nothing off limits. They are best hackers in the world at the present time.

This group is at The Chinease government ,The Vatican ,The FBI and CIA while spending as
just as mcuh time leaking documnets or taking down websites with political intent .

world best hacker

During the aftermath of tragedies like charlie headbow ,micheal brown and launching
large scale personal attacks on individuals associated with KKK .While they may not be
motivated the information they have lead in the impact had on cases and cover ups has been huge.

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world best hacker
No One has known about Astra which is the net alias of his notorious hacker
who spent half a decade in the mid 2000s stealing high profile weapons,technolgy data
and software .Astra would quickly sell this information to the people and organisations
across Brazil, South Africa the Middle East and the rest of the world.

While no one
knows how much money he was able to make or where it went the damages he caused their estimated between
250 million and 361 millioin dollars.

world best hacker

Strangely even after all the destruction caused
Astra was never puclicly identified .

world best hacker

Even Greek authoriteis arrested and detained
this threatening hacker in 2008 speculations and roumors say that he is a 58 year old
Greek Mathematician and serving 6 years in jail somewhere.

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#1.Gary Mckinnon

world best hacker

Infiltrated over 97 US military and NASA servers in just a year during 2001.
He not only deleted sensitive data software and files but cost the us government 700,000 dollars
in recovery charges due to severity of the damage .Confident in his skills Mckinnon ,who went by the alias
SOLO on to the military by Posting

” Your Security System Is Crap “
“I am Solo,I will continue to disrupt at Higher levels”

Strangely enough, Mckinnnon was not in it for any kind of monetary games and it turns
out he was looking for files containing evidence of extraterrestrial(data about aliens) which accoring Mckinnon he found.

world best hacker

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