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Top 10 BB Ki Vines Episodes

bb ki vines top 10 episodes
bb ki vines top 10 episodes

Top 10 BB Ki Vines Episodes

Hello Friends ! Here is list of Top 10 BB Ki Vines Episodes. These List is based on the popularity,reviews,and comments from Youtube and also InternetViralFever Team.

bb ki vines top 10 episodes

10.BB Ki Vines-Fameer Fuddi

In This video Cousin of Bancho has been introduced to bhuwan. He has a counter attack for every attack.

It is the most famous character In BB Ki Vines


9.BB Ki VInes- Angry Masterji Series

In this series ,Bhuwan’s teacher calls his father  to complain about him.But each time “Master Ji ” get himself into trouble.

8.BB Ki Vines – The Salesman

If you are good at speaking english then you should not watch this .This episode starts with a salesman “Baadal” The Sky, who has a habit “The Aadat” of speaking english in the end of every English word and he came to sell Oil “The Ghee”.


7.BB Ki Vines- | Bancho Ka Break-up |

“Break Up Condition” you will watch in this episode.The Condition of Bancho after his breakup.


6. BB Ki Vines- | Mr. Hola Vs. Fameer Fuddi |

As the title suggests,Mr Hola vs Fameer Fuddi ,where they meet each other .Watch the epic converstion between them


5. Online Dating -Mr.Hola Returns

Mr.Hola Returns to Bhuwan’s house to take revenge from them as he was insulted by them in last meeting.He returns to threaten them with some nude pictures of Bancho which he got by chatting with Bancho with a fake girls account.Watch the drama Yourself


4.BB Ki Vines – She Is Slut

She Is Slut is the best video By Bhuvan Bam .It has a moral not  only for all the boys but for all the society, that we should not judge any girl by just watching them.

Whenever we see a girl with different Boys ,we start judging her that she is characterless,she is a whore,she is a slut etc.

After watching this video you will stop judging girls and start showing them “Respect”.



3.BB Ki Vines-Valentines Week Hutiyapa

Valentine Week Hutiyapa is very humurous episode in which Bancho tells about the “Akhand Hutiyapa” during this week.He explains the Hutiyapa from Rose Day To Valentines Day.


2. BB Ki Vines-Exmination Hutiyapa

This episode tells about the hutiyapa during the examination.The problems faced by the students like Banchod Das and Bhuwan Bam.

Exmination Hutiyapa also tells about the new definition of “Perpendicular”


1.BB Ki Vines – Papa MaakiChu

In This Episode,Father Of Bancho,Papa MaakiChu has returned from Dubai.See Yourself Why it is #1.



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