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Top 10 Things Hated By Mini Militia Players

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Top 10 Things Hated By Mini Militia Players

Hello and welcome to Top 10 Things Hated By Mini Militia Players.We all love mini militia .
This is a masterpiece from the developers for all the mobile gamers.
Whenever we are with friends or alone ,the best way to spend time is
by playing mini militia.

But there are certain things that we hate while playing this game.
And this article wiill present you the Top 10 Things hated by the Mini Militia

#1. Any player not getting ready

mini militia

When this happens ,a great feeling of killing that person comes in my mind before the match starts.This really irritates me.What about you?

#2.Players getting lag


Ohhh!!!!This is the  most irritating problem that Mini Militia Have…..After killing player i get killed by same player you killed…It should be on the top of the list of Top 10 Things Hated By Mini Militia Players

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#3.Hackers and cheaters

mini militia

Hackers and cheaters they just ruin the game and game becomes less interesting.They come different different types of hacks you never heard of.I never like the hack version.What do you think about that?

#4.Getting to play in places that we dont want.

mini militia

While playing online I sometime come in a situation to play in places where i dont want to play like lunarcy,icebox and snow blind.This also reduce the interest and fun

#5.Accidently falling off the cliff and saying that your opponent kills you.

mini militia

#6.Rushing to take a Gun and realising that it was out of ammo.

mini militia

Imagine the feeling when you pickup your favorite gun and get the message of “Low Ammo” can you feel the pain of emptiness of the gun.I beleive you can.How does it feel???

#7.Players Lefting the game

mini militia

It reduces the interst in the game as players left..More the players more the fun.

#8.Falling and dying on Proximity Mines

mini militia

If you are attentive during the game then there will be no problem with this bomb and if not you will surely hate this.

#9.Connection Lost


All of us hate to be out during the game due to lost connectivity.Only one word comes out my mouth…Fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuccccccccccc.

#10.ReSpawning on Bombs and Gases


I hate those who set bombs and put gas bombs at respawning area.It really feel like hell.Killed ,Respawn and Killed again…This should be 2nd on the list of Top 10 Things Hated By Mini Militia Players

So that is the end of Top 10 Things Hated By Mini Militia Players .

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Thank you for reading 

Hope You Liked it 

Comment what annoys you the most in Comment Section below

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